Danny L. Lamonte, President/CEO

Mr. Lamonte is poised to lead Business Central Network (BCN) to become one of the premiere companies of this time. With the combination of his education and business experience in multiple areas of business, Mr. Lamonte provides unsurpassed leadership.

Education is a vital component of Mr. Lamonte's leadership. Graduating at the top of his class, he has earned his Associate of Science in Business (AS), Associate of Accounting (AA), Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degrees. He also attends numerous workshops and classes annually to stay abreast of current business trends, and relevant law changes to ensure continuous successful guidance of BCN.

Mr. Lamonte's business and entrepreneurial experiences are extensive, including working in various positions for major corporations and governmental entities. Some of the positions he has held include: Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Staff Accountant, Financial Auditor, and General Manager to name a few. These positions helped prepare him to launch his entrepreneurial pursuits. His entrepreneurial experiences have been numerous and profitable. Mr. Lamonte conceived and successfully operated the following business entities: an accounting firm, insurance agency, construction company, used car dealership, technology firm, multi-level marketing company, auto salvage business, real estate brokerage, online retail stores, government contracting, non-profit business services and business consulting firm. With these valuable entrepreneurial experiences, Mr. Lamonte can now lead Business Central Network to unseen heights. He is considered a trail blazer for his vast array of business vision.

Mr. Lamonte’s professional licensures include property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance, licensed insurance adjuster, real estate broker, mortgage broker, eBay education specialist, Electronic Return Originator (ERO), certified HUD-REAC inspector, business education teaching certificate, and construction management certification. His business and entrepreneurial endeavors are unmatched and have endless possibilities to empower BCN.

Danny Lamonte has been recognized by several organizations, magazines, and other entities for his valuable entrepreneurial vision, business leadership, and contribution to the community. The combination of his education, business experiences, entrepreneurial experiences and his faith in God will help propel Business Central Network (BCN) to become a successful and profitable company.